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Phoebe gets her feelings hurt, so then Ross has to apologise. Pretty unreasonable as that already is, it's made worse by the later reveal that his supposed slight occurred only in a dream.

To her Phoebe volunteering to teach Joey how to play guitar is actually a very nice gesture. Her teaching methods are unorthodox to the extreme ("Turkey leg. Old lady.") and she won't even let Joey hold a guitar - and then gets pissy when he does some homework and learns the real names of the chords. He literally did Sweet, kind David deserved so much better.

The fashion plate who refused to take the court unless every accessory matched, from headband to arm sleeve to Reebok Question, remains meticulously coordinated. I gotta keep up with the slang.” He finally locates his jack—Lord knows the number; it seems to change every few months—and heads to the parking lot, the Cru trailing behind him, in search of a Hollywood KFC.

Iverson says he is hungry, either for Taco Bell or Kentucky Fried Chicken, which calls to mind a memorable night in Milan, when a fancy restaurant with a three-month waiting list shut its doors for the privilege of serving The Answer. “You never did know,” Cube says admiringly, “if he was an athlete or a rapper.” In the music business, the immortals perform well past their primes, practically going from stadiums to convalescent homes.

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packed so much power that it nearly threw me across the room.

Not a popular opinion, it's true - last year, a Digital Spy poll saw her narrowly lose to Chandler as your favourite of the Central Perk gang. Really Cast your mind back to episode 3.10, 'The One Where Rachel Quits' - or, as it should be known, 'The One Where Phoebe Is Rewarded For Her Terrible Behaviour'.You would get “The Book of Nora,” which is easily one of the greatest TV finales of all time. The drama’s directors, especially executive producer Mimi Leder, who helmed the series finale, imbued its wild poetry with endless amounts of compassion, craft and insight.Hundreds of crew members made every set and location and costume look exactly right, and the music and soundtrack were always beyond perfect.They buy all up all the dead trees as a reward for her unreasonable behaviour.Another example of Phoebe getting her way despite obviously being dead wrong.

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The Capitol Records Building, a mid-century circular tower that looks like a stack of vinyl rising 13 stories into Hollywood’s powder-blue sky, has been the studio of choice for Beach Boys and Beastie Boys, Dean Martin and Judy Garland, Ryan Adams and Mary J. Artists come to use Nat King Cole’s piano, Frank Sinatra’s microphone, Paul Mc Cartney’s mixing console.