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Polish dating etiquette

Each week we will practice the art of conversation in a social setting.Telephone and Internet Etiquette and Safety will be learned, as well as how to write a proper Thank You note.While some of the rules have changed, it is still important for making a favorable impression and showing courtesy to your dining companions.Our etiquette experts have been hard at work creating a contemporary, comprehensive dining etiquette guide with new rules for a new millennium and the time-tested techniques still needed today.So, if you are served a salad first, use the fork set to the far left of your plate.For more information on the rest of the top 10 table manners tips, visit our table manners section.Situated between Eastern and Western European cultures and coined by a changing history, Poland developed a rich cultural heritage, including numerous historical monuments and 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.The origin of the name Poland derives from a West Slavic tribe of Polans (Polanie) that inhabited the Warta River basin of the historic Greater Poland region in the 8th century.

There will be an additional charge to participate in the dinner. This is the intermediate level class designed for GIRLS in 6th - 12th Grade.The following links will take you to more detailed information to help refine your dining etiquette skills.Most occasions require only a basic or informal place setting, but occasions that are more special may require a more formal table setting."Good manners will open doors the best eduation cannot" - Mother Teresa This is a beginning level class designed for boys and girls in 1st - 8th Grade.In this class children will master the proper use of all eating implements (including silverware, napkin, and stemware).

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And finally, the parents will be invited to the last class session to see what their children have learned in "Tools of the Table." This is a 5 hour course. Participants will have the option to experience a Five-Course dinner served in a formal dining room for an additional fee.