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Let’s be honest with ourselves: we’re a nation of busybodies and jobsworths, obsessively fixated with following rules to the letter, no matter how pointless, petty or impractical. “You haven’t booked me.” “But we’re booking you now,” we said.

So, in that sense at least, the EU suits us down to the ground. As luck would have it, though, a cab from another firm was sitting there, entirely available, because, in their rush to leave, the people who’d booked it had got into another cab with someone else. “We’re standing here, asking you to take us, given that you haven’t got anyone else.

The notes are meant to complement the Introduction where an overview of the scope of Strachans poetry is provided.

Unless otherwise indicated, quotations in the notes are from standard or definitive editions.

Not the stuff about cutting immigration, restoring sovereignty and so on. But what is it with the complaints about “EU red tape”?

If Brexit campaigners think that’s the way to make the British public turn against Brussels, they severely misunderstand our national character.

he other day, after covering a political speech outside London, a group of us from various papers rang for a cab to take us back to the station as soon as possible. Also, it’s cold, and it’s raining, and we’re getting wet.” “Got to be booked officially through the system,” insisted the driver.

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I’ll have to remember that if I teach the topic again at future conferences.

I’m posting a slightly expanded version of my presentation below. If it’s not a change you like, either reject the change using one of the three methods listed above or make a change of your own (your change will be tracked in a different color).

And if you attended and you still have questions, or if you weren’t able to make it, feel free to leave a comment here. And, of course, a big thanks to ACES for hosting and to all those who attended. “Copyediting and Corpus Linguistics” (PDF) If you disagreed with the addition of the word for some reason, you would click Reject instead of Accept, but the rest of the steps would be the same. This will show you the first change tracked in your document. Keep clicking Next after viewing each change that is acceptable to you.

The red underlined word would then turn black and lose its underline. Which brings me to the best trick I have learned for using Tracking Changes. Because you’re jumping quickly through your document, this shouldn’t take long, and because you’re using the Next button, you’re not accidentally missing any changes.

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The purpose of these notes is threefold: to explain and identify words and phrases that might be obscure to modern reader, to call attention to allusions to other writers classical and contemporary, and to elucidate where possible the historical and biographical context of each poem.