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Bosnian dating customs

ost of the world’s Christians—as well as many non-believers—celebrated the birth of Jesus on December 25.Members of the Egyptian Coptic, Ethiopian, most Slavic Orthodox, and Georgian Orthodox churches, with some Greek Orthodox faithful, will mark the festival on January 7.As a province of the Ottoman Empire, Bosnia and Herzegovina had two distinguishing characteristics: firstly, much of the population converted to Islam; secondly, as a frontier province, it was the first line of defence against incursions into the Ottoman sphere of influence.Consequently, the country suffered from repeated invasions.This assassinating in June 1914 is considered by many the trigger for WWI.At the end of the war, with the approval of the victorious Great Powers, Serbia annexed Bosnia as part of the new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, which was renamed Yugoslavia in 1929.

Muslims do not, however, believe that Jesus was God’s son or was crucified.

The extended family is the norm and relatives remain quite close with both the mother and the father’s sides.

The family provides its members with a social network and assistance in times of need.

As midnight passed on New Year’s Eve and 2010 began, I looked at my husband sitting beside me, thought about our two children sleeping upstairs and realised that we’d been married for the best part of a decade, and that we’re still speaking to each other.

As I am English and he is Macedonian I felt that this achievement was perhaps even greater than usual, having had cultural barriers to cross and linguistic misunderstandings to clear up, not to mention having only one grandparent, my father, in England where we live, to help with that elusive pot of gold, free childcare.

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Even though it is becoming increasingly common for the nuclear family to have its own house, Croatians will take in elderly parents rather than send them to a nursing home. Few Croatians will allow business concerns to interfere with this important part of their lives.